Why Supplements?

Why not supplements? A strategic regimen of carefully chosen natural dietary supplements can help control stress, reduce cortisol levels, provide relaxation and more restful sleep, help balance blood sugar, promote weight loss, and boost the immune system. For most of us, from a purely practical perspective, following a balanced cortisol-control regimen that incorporates appropriate dietary supplementation is a lot more "doable" than a complicated stress-management program or a time-consuming exercise regimen. Again, this does not at all imply that stress management is unimportant or that supplements can provide all of the same benefits delivered by exercise. It simply means that supplements, for the majority of people, represent something they can realistically incorporate into their already busy daily lives and that can have a powerfully beneficial impact on controlling stress and balancing cortisol levels.

Many of the dietary supplements covered in this book have been used for centuries as part of traditional medicinal regimens. In some cases the modern scientific evidence for a beneficial health effect of a supplement is quite strong, while in other cases the evidence is weak or nonexistent. Chapter 8 will guide you through the supplements that appear to hold the most promise in terms of controlling the stress response and counteracting some of the detrimental effects of chronically elevated cortisol.


After reading this chapter, you are probably more than a little concerned about your future health. However, instead of letting concern grow into worry and worry grow into stress, you can do something about your situation. Maybe you just need to eat better. Or maybe you could benefit from taking a balanced multivitamin tablet. Perhaps you could use a specific cortisol-controlling supplement—or even an entire program designed to control your stress and cortisol levels. Whatever your individual cortisol-control needs happen to be, the information in this book will help you address them. Your first step toward improved health and lifelong wellness starts on the next page. Good luck!


Shawn Talbott

Supplement Watch

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